Making Monsters.

Sharing is a difficult concept to master when you're huge and green.

Sharing is a difficult concept to master when you're huge and green.

Working at Nugget affords me the opportunity to do a lot of cool things, and among those things is overseeing the illustrations for our website, packaging, social media... alla that good stuff. 

Unfortunately, I'd recently found myself in a rut trying to find a style that worked for Nugget. I scoured Instagram and the web for inspiration, and although I found a couple artists I really liked, my subsequent work only succeeded in making me feel like I was copying those artists.

Times were dark. Morale was low. 

But then, like a beacon of pure, heavenly light, these monsters came into my life today. I can't say these are finished by any stretch, I can't say that mini monsters are even the answer for what Nugget needs, all I can say is that these guys feel like the start of something good, something actually creative and not heavily derivative — in other words, a breath of fresh air. If you have any feedback on these little creatures or thoughts on what I should keep in mind as I make more, please let me know! Whatever characters I land on, Nugget is really going to lean on them, so they need to be good. 

If you're interested in what/how/why we're shipping foam couches in a single box all over the world, follow @nuggetcomfort on Instagram and Twitter! The accounts aren't particularly active right now since most of my time is going to building out our full site, but pretty soon they'll be filled with foam forts, creative videos and mischievous monsters (if I end up actually liking these guys).