Final Four tees on the way... next week.

I really hate making people wait longer than they should have to for things they've already paid for, so I'm more than a bit anxious to update everyone by saying that printing is happening next week, considering it's already been a couple weeks since the Big Game in the first place. I realize this is not the window I advertised nor that people would have expected, and I apologize for that.

Thankfully everyone has been super, super accommodating of the less-than-ideal delivery speed. I have not gotten one angry email out of more than 100 orders, which in this day and age is, frankly, insane. Conversely, within a few days of the DJ Khaled preorders going up in December, I had people emailing and asking "Where's my stuff?," already up in arms, because they didn't know me from a hole in the ground, and were concerned about being scammed. With TC, thankfully we got to establish more of a long-term connection with customers over the years and repeatedly prove that we were in this to make ourselves and others happy, not rip people off, and that built trust. In this case, as with those former TC sales, that trust is felt, and I really appreciate it. 

At this point, all I can do is wait on the printing to be completed, but as soon as I have the shirts in my hands (and former TC store manager Carlos Tovar's hands) they'll be folded and shipped out to their new homes. My goal is to get orders shipped by next Friday (a week from tomorrow) or that weekend (4/30, 5/1) at the absolute latest.

If you're moving between places (like leaving campus or moving to a new area) in the next couple of weeks and planned to have gotten stuff before now, please shoot me an email at to update your shipping address to whatever it needs to be. 

Once again, thanks for the patience and my apologies for the delay. Peace peace.