My policy on shipping is that it's a good thing, generally speaking. It allows the things you buy on my site to end up on your doorstep, and I think we all like that. For the sake of simplicity I only offer USPS Priority + Tracking as a shipping option, which makes sure it gets to you quickly, and offers you the comfort of checking its progress if you get fidgety in the meantime.


The last day I plan to ship and still get there in time for Christmas is Tuesday, December 19, so if you're getting a gift for Christmas, please be sure to order by then! 


I think I can speak for all of the employees at when I say that I don't have the bandwidth to offer returns on non-defective product.  That being said, if there is something wrong (or simply odd) about your order — a hole in a shirt, an accidental misprint, the wrong size, or a half-eaten Clif Bar inside the package — I'll absolutely make it right, including a full refund when necessary. You can email me at anytime.