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I didn't know it when I was first starting Thrill City in 2011 that I was creating my own job for after graduation, or that four years later I'd be known as a graphic designer more than anything else. I was taking reporting and Anthropology classes and just wanted to mess around with graphic design, initially doing everything through Photoshop becauseI didn't have any illustration software. The early results weren't pretty, but for some reason I continued to plod along. My tiny hobby would eventually introduce me to some of the most important people in my life, give me the greatest professional recognition I had received, allow me to hang out with heroes and celebrities, and most importantly, provide the opportunity to leave a mark on my hometown.

I'm infinitely grateful to everyone who supported Thrill City over the years and gave it the chance to grow from a business that I could fit entirely under my bed to an enterprise that had its own brick-and-mortar retail location, store employees and regular paychecks. If I didn't believe I could do anything on my way into college, I definitely felt that on my way out. Thrill City was a platform to experiment, to try things out and hopefully create the things we wanted to see in Chapel Hill and beyond. Over time it grew into a community that I could only have dreamed of.

There's a full retrospective at the old Thrill City website, full of goodbye tweets from when we announced the store closing, a huge set of designs and more. On my site, I currently have a number of old items for sale, and plan to design a couple new basketball items this season as a tribute to Thrill City.